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Synthesizing Disciplines, Integrating Technologies




Syntegrate is always looking for new staff. If you want to support the design and construction of buildings through the use of BIM and technology, or if you want to contribute to the construction industry in an unprecedented way, join our team and let's work together. Please send a message from Contact.

Kenji Watanabe

Nikkei architecture

Out representative in Japan, Kenji Watanabe, is introduced as one of the "10 Great construction industry person of the Year" in Nikkei Architecture on December 24. Please take a look (only available in Japanese).


Syntegrate Japan Blog

We started a blog in December 2020. We casually and frankly share the content and flow of our work, as well as information that we think is interesting. Please check it out.



We provide design/construction supports for complex buildings and sculpture projects. In the design phase, we work closely with the designer and deliver the 3D models so that designer can check the forms and develop its design as they intended. During the construction stage, we provide fully developed 3D models of complex form in consideration of construction constraints and conditions to ensure constructability. When the geometry is determined, we can extract information from the 3D model such as secondary building components, fixing types and quantities to support seamless construction execution.

services 1

BIM Project Consulting

We provide BIM consulting service for Design offices and Construction companies. Firstly, we support the use of BIM software, for example, Autodesk Revit, and production of BIM models with it. When your project has a BIM requirement, you may need to prepare BEP (BIM Execution Plan) and produce BIM-related deliverables. We carefully analysis Client BIM requirements to produce BEP accordingly and provide consultation on BIM modeling, BIM management and fulfilment of BIM deliverables for the project.

services 2

BIM implementation consulting

We provide consultation for the implementation of BIM to Design offices and Construction Companies. BIM implementation may require a different approach for each company depending on needs of an individual company, Vision, Time frame, BIM maturity and other factors. We closely work with our Clients to bring the solution of efficient use of BIM Software, BIM Standards, BIM Collaboration Methods and Data management for successful BIM implementation to Client business.

services 1

Software development

We have developed the Revit APIs and automated design programs for building material(s) on the Catia platform. With our expertise and experience of software operation in the construction industry, we support the planning and development of applications and plug-ins that can be used for construction projects.

services 4

Software sales & training

Utilizing our expertise of software operation in Digital Planning/ Fabrication/ Construction projects and experience from the various BIM Projects carried out by us, we can provide with effective supports and training on the software (Rhino+GH, Revit, Catia / 3D experience) for use in actual practice. In addition, we can team up with the client for the pilot project from the software installation and earning the experience of secure software operation in a pragmatic approach. We are a distributor for Catia / 3D experience, and we supply software and provide technical support and training.

services 5


Tokorozawa SakuraTown

Name of the building
Tokorozawa SakuraTown
Our Scope of work
Exterior panel production design support
Location(City, Country)
Tokorozawa, Saitama
Building type
Asahi Building Wall
Design Supervision
Kengo Kuma and Associates
Main Contractor
Kajima Corporation
KADOKAWA, Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation

We created 3D models for the fabrication of aluminum expanded metal exteriors to support the drafting of fabrication and construction drawings. By using the 3D model, we assisted the designer in examining the allocation rules for the virtual surfaces, coordinating with other construction types such as the steel frame, and issuing a fabrication drawing including rivets for each panel from the 3D model. Since the shape of each panel is slightly different, the fastener for installation is calculated according to the finished surface and substrate. In addition, to manage data for total of about 1,700 panels, we devised a way to separate and integrate the models. We provided not only modeling, but also a wide range of technical support such as naming conventions, efficient data conversion, and coordinate calculations for construction management to ensure smooth implementation of a complex and large-scale project.
(photo: Yoshito Nakamura)

projects 1-1
projects 1-2
projects 1-3
projects 1-4
projects 1-5


Name of the building
Our Scope of work
Technical support, Production of BIM model
Location(City, Country)
Dubai, UAE
Building type
Residential, Residential and mixed use
5JJ: 64,877, D1D2:140,000
Nikken Sekkei

5JJ is a premium apartment situated in Dubai marina district. The two towers of 52 and 42 storeys host 260 and 162 luxury residential units.

D1D2 is one of the luxury apartment developments, located on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Dubai, comprises two towers, one 70 storeys, and the other 50 storeys. The podium level contains commercial facilities.BIM technology is adopted during the design phase of those two projects. Our scope of work was in charge of supporting the BEP confirmation and creating the BIM model.

projects 2-1-1
projects 2-1-2
projects 2-2-1
projects 2-2-2

Nihon Sekkei Revit API

Our Scope of work
Revit Plug-in Development
NIHON SEKKEI. INC. (Joint development)

We developed a Revit plug-in that allows users to reference and copy the details that have been created in-house easily. The client -a design firm- had a huge amount of details stored as Revit's drafting views and 2D drawings. In order to make more efficient use of these details, we made tool to search for them by year, location, building type, etc., and copy them to a Revit model.


Name of software
Our Scope of work
Development of panel automation tool
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings

ALPOLIC is Aluminum Composite Material for the worldwide construction industry, including the exterior, interior, and civil with outstanding features such as lightweight, high rigidity, excellent flatness, and long-lasting coating.

ALPOLIC starts to adopt new IT technology and approach to the client with various services. ALPOLIC BIM Software is one of the IT services that support developer, architecture, general contractor, facade engineer, and fabricator on design review, cost estimation, design coordination, and fabrication drawing creation. ALPOLIC operation team converts the 2D design data to 3D data and provides rendering image, elevation drawing, BOM report, and fabrication drawings using ALPOLIC BIM Software.

ALPOLIC BIM Software is developed under the 3DExperience platform. It contains automation functions, including panel surface creation, panel detail model creation, panel specification data creation, rendering image creation with over 150 ALPOLIC material colors, fabrication drawings.

projects 4-1
projects 4-2


Syntegrate was founded in 2014 by engineers who previously worked at Gehry Technologies. With offices in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo, we are currently working on introducing information technology to the construction industry. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of the efficiency and maximization of the design quality in the area of architecture and civil engineering by the use of computers.

Company profile

Company Name
Syntegrate JAPAN GK
March 2015
Fujichuo Bld. 9F 2-1-7 Shintomi
Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0041 Japan
Number of Employee
Financing Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Japan Post Bank
Corporate number



Kenji Watanabe

Partner, Director of Japan

Kenji Watanabe

Graduated from the Department of Design, Nihon University College of Art in 1993. After returning to Japan in 2008, he established "Computer Visualization" and has worked on architectural computer graphics for many famous architects. He has developed his BIM business from support, and in 2015 he was appointed Partner Director of Syntegrate to oversee its Japanese subsidiary. He is working to transform the construction industry by using information technology and the latest technologies to support the construction of complex shapes, the introduction of BIM, and the use of VR and MR. Representative Director of VICC Inc.

Other countries / regions

Lionel Lambourn

Partner, Director


Lionel established Syntegrate at the beginning of 2014 in order to provide the next generation of Building Information Modelling services to the architecture community and the construction industry.Lionel gained his experience in BIM through his time with Gehry Technologies as the Managing Director for the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. In that time he lead the team on such projects as the Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi; the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris; and the Al Bahr Towers, Abu Dhabi.

Seonwoo Kim

Partner, Director

Seonwoo KIM

Seonwoo is Syntegrate’s leading expert in building geometry. Through advanced 3D analyses, incorporation of fabrication constraints, optimization of a building’s form and a panel’s shape, Seonwoo tranforms the unbuildable and the unaffordable into a project that is both within budget and deliverable on time. Previously, Seonwoo utilised these skills, while at Gehry Technologies, on such iconic projects as the Dongdaemun Design Park & Plaza in Seoul and the National Museum of Qatar in Doha.




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