With offices in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo, we are currently working on introducing information technology to the construction industry. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of the efficiency and maximization of the design quality in the area of architecture and civil engineering by the use of computers.


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Development of panel automation tool


ALPOLIC is Aluminum Composite Material for the worldwide construction industry, including the exterior, interior, and civil with outstanding features such as lightweight, high rigidity, excellent flatness, and long-lasting coating.

ALPOLIC starts to adopt new IT technology and approach to the client with various services. ALPOLIC BIM Software is one of the IT services that support developer, architecture, general contractor, facade engineer, and fabricator on design review, cost estimation, design coordination, and fabrication drawing creation. ALPOLIC operation team converts the 2D design data to 3D data and provides rendering image, elevation drawing, BOM report, and fabrication drawings using ALPOLIC BIM Software.

ALPOLIC BIM Software is developed under the 3DExperience platform. It contains automation functions, including panel surface creation, panel detail model creation, panel specification data creation, rendering image creation with over 150 ALPOLIC material colors, fabrication drawings.