With offices in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo, we are currently working on introducing information technology to the construction industry. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of the efficiency and maximization of the design quality in the area of architecture and civil engineering by the use of computers.


Dundee, UK
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'The two halves of the V&A museum are linked by a facade composed of concrete planks. Due to the exterior walls' curvature, designing and organizing the numerous uniquely shaped concrete planks was a challenge. We shared our technical knowledge with the designers and facade engineers to assist model authoring and design review. We used 3D models for design review and fabrication data creation by coordinating with designers and fabricators to keep design intent and fit fabrication constraints. We started from workflow development to understand the overall steps and process. By following the production process, we were able to find design issues from the 3D model with analysis data, such as various unique shapes and panel systems related to the construction or fabrication constraints. We solved the problems by using parametric models and optimization to standardize the individual planks. As a result, we were able to reach our goals, minimizing the number of plank types, providing plank fabrication data from the 3D model, and making a clean design without any clashes.